Dancing and Donut cravings

A cloudy winter day is a good day to wake up and dance.  This morning I went to my African dance class and it is my joy,  my love,  my passion.  And today was a special treat for me because we danced tiriba, my favorite dance.

It’s a favorite because it brings back fond memories of when I was first introduced to African dancing.  It was over 10 years ago when I first learned.  I was in college studying modern dance and my instructor brought in an artist from Africa who taught us tiriba.

I love this dance.  It’s also one of the most exhausting and hardest African dances I have learned.  I learned it 10 years ago and it is still so hard and wears me out.  Whew!  Did I mention it’s a HARD workout, because it is.

Anyways,  after a class like that I was craving donuts.  There is something about that class that makes me want to stuff my face with donuts or some other similar pastry. On my way home I drive past a billboard with donuts.  Yes,  delicious looking donuts.  How did they know?!  I was so tempted to pull over and buy some,  but then I realized how tired my muscles were from dancing and I did not want to move any more than I had to.  So I kept driving till I got home and ate a chocolate truffle that was waiting for me,  calling out my name.  Not sure if there is much difference between the nutritional value of a chocolate truffle and a donut,  but at least I saved myself a few dollars by not buying the donuts.  I can’t wait until the next dance class!


Anyone want to join me next time for the dancing, donuts, or even better both!?

P. S.  This is my lapa, i wear it every time I go to class.  Fabric straight from Ghana.


3 thoughts on “Dancing and Donut cravings

  1. reecim says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn African dance! Wish I could join you for a class 😕 What does the lapa (is that right?) look like on?!


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