Some days are crazy and that’s okay

There are just some days when everything seems to go wrong.  I’m running late for everything,  my kids don’t seem to listen to me,  the house is in a disastrous mess, I am frantically running around my house looking for my kids shoes.  Any shoes that match!  Where did the shoes go!  They are scattered every where and I never seem to find a match.  So I decide to give up and my kids are wearing mismatched shoes.  I’m dropping my son off at school in my pajamas and I have coconut oil in my hair.  No makeup, no shower.  Yeah,  I look like a mess because I totally am a mess today.  

I don’t know about you,  but these days seem to happen on a regular basis for me.  And the only way I get through it is telling myself it’s okay.  These days happen and it’s okay.  

It’s okay that my house is a mess.  It’s okay that my kids shoes don’t match.  It’s okay dinner is late and the kids went to bed later than I like.  It’s okay because these things happen.  It’s a part of life.  Everyone has a crazy day now and then.  Or if your like me it feels like they happen a lot.  But it’s okay.  Tomorrow is another  crazy day to look forward to. Or maybe something good will happen, like finding a matching pair of shoes for my kids. You never know what a new day will bring. 


One thought on “Some days are crazy and that’s okay

  1. reecim says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this post. I love the mismatched shoes and the coconut oil in the hair! As crazy as your day sounds though, and as much as I can relate, you had me convinced and at peace by the end of the post despite the chaos. Days like this really are ok. And some times they’re even fun as long as you can laugh at it! Now if I can only keep this in mind when I’m in the thick of it lol…


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