The Waiting Place 

I was reading to my kids at bed time and one of the books they chose was Dr Seuss’s “Oh the Places you’ll Go”. In this book there is a waiting place.  A place where everyone is just waiting.”Waiting for a train to go, or a bus to come, or waiting around for a yes or no, or waiting for their hair to grow….Everyone is just waiting. ” 
It does not seem like a fun place to be. 

So, here I was reading to my kids and I thought,” I’m stuck in the waiting place. ” Waiting for my husband to finish school, waiting to move from this very tiny apartment, waiting to have a dishwasher, and many more things. Its a frustrating place to be. And many days I do feel so FRUSTRATED. Is there anyone else with me? Stuck in this waiting place? 

I want so badly to be on the next page in the book. I want to “find the bright places where boom bands are playing.” 

And then my thoughts continued…. What if I did get everything I wanted? Everything I’m waiting for? What would happen? I would probably find something else I want, to wait for. And I would be back in the waiting place. It’s a never-ending cycle! 

So here’s what I think. If I’m going to be stuck here in the waiting place, might as well make it fun. I’m probably not going to get any of the things I’m waiting for any time soon, so I’ll be here for a while. So let’s make it fun. Who wants to join my party and make the waiting place fun?! I promise it will be fun. 


One thought on “The Waiting Place 

  1. reecim says:

    I love that book! I’ve had similar thoughts when reading it too. Dr. Seuss, as silly as he can be, is often so very insightful at the same time. And this is often me – just waiting. For very similar things actually! Lol I’m trying really hard to move past that and just be happy now, in this moment.

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