Face painting 

 For a spontaneous summer activity, I thought it would be fun to face paint. I pulled out my craft paint and brushes and sat in  the shade. It was the perfect set up. And we painted away. My daughter wanted snowflakes on her face and my son wanted fireworks. The baby was wearing her butterfly wings so I painted a butterfly on her. 

Then of course the kids wanted to paint mommy’s face. At first I was like ” No.” Then I thought,  this is too much fun, let kids be kids and let them be creative. And let’s build good memories together. 

Sometimes as a parent I have to put my pride aside and focus on having fun with the kids without worrying about what others think. Yes, some of my neighbors saw my face like this and I just smiled and waved. If anyone judges me, that’s their problem and I will keep playing with the kids. 


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