Some days are crazy and that’s okay

There are just some days when everything seems to go wrong.  I’m running late for everything,  my kids don’t seem to listen to me,  the house is in a disastrous mess, I am frantically running around my house looking for my kids shoes.  Any shoes that match!  Where did the shoes go!  They are scattered every where and I never seem to find a match.  So I decide to give up and my kids are wearing mismatched shoes.  I’m dropping my son off at school in my pajamas and I have coconut oil in my hair.  No makeup, no shower.  Yeah,  I look like a mess because I totally am a mess today.  

I don’t know about you,  but these days seem to happen on a regular basis for me.  And the only way I get through it is telling myself it’s okay.  These days happen and it’s okay.  

It’s okay that my house is a mess.  It’s okay that my kids shoes don’t match.  It’s okay dinner is late and the kids went to bed later than I like.  It’s okay because these things happen.  It’s a part of life.  Everyone has a crazy day now and then.  Or if your like me it feels like they happen a lot.  But it’s okay.  Tomorrow is another  crazy day to look forward to. Or maybe something good will happen, like finding a matching pair of shoes for my kids. You never know what a new day will bring. 


Try this simple trick to ward off winter blues 

Out of the four seasons, winter is my least favorite.  Everything is grey and cold and wet and yuck.  The worst part is it’s COLD! It’s so cold,  and I don’t like feeling cold.

Most of winter I usually hide out in our tiny apartment trying to stay warm.  I practically act as if doomsday has happened and if I step outside something horrible will happen to me…  like feeling cold.

So how do I get through my wintery blues?  I go outside.  I know it sounds crazy,  I hate feeling cold!  But there is something about getting out that makes the winter seem better. And it becomes more beautiful. Snow starts to look more beautiful.

I bundle up and force myself out the door.  And I smile.  And after about 3 min I run inside to warm up.  Let’s be real —  I might force myself out but I don’t stay out for very long.  3 minutes is good enough, fun enough, and beautiful enough.