My journey of making it into Wofa Afro-fusion Dance Company

Does anyone out there feel they were born to do something? Like born to paint, born to sing, born to be a rock climber or a scientist, etc. For me it’s dance. Dance has always had an incredible role in my life. I started when I was very young about 3 or 4 years of age, taking ballet and tap classes.  As I got older I studied jazz, lyrical and pointe. 

I kept dancing up into college where I studied modern dance. It was there that I was first introduced to African dance. It was so different than any other style of dance I had ever done and   a whole different level of a workout. (If you think running is a good cardio workout then you should try African dancing. It’s way harder.) It’s more than just a good workout. There is something about this form of dance that is so freeing, uplifting, and exhilarating. I fell in love and wanted to do this the rest of my life. 

But then, some unexpected things happened to me. I got married and divorced and dropped out of school. And stopped dancing. For a while I was afraid to dance. Even in the privacy of my own room when no one was looking. 

Life continued, a danceless life. I went to work every day, had good friends. It wasn’t horrible. It was pretty good, actually, but I was missing something. I was missing a certain level of excitement that I used to have. 

Then I met a boy with the most wonderful smile.(sigh 💕) And he could dance and he was good at it!  He taught me how to swing dance. Which was a huge struggle for me because I was still afraid to dance. He never gave up on me and helped me through my struggles and I slowly started to feel that exciment again. 

Fast forward a few years and this boy with the wonderful smile became my husband and we had a couple kids.  Many times he would listen to me talk about how much I loved African dance and how it was my favorite. He then discovered the African dance community classes offered in SLC. So of course I started going every week. 

I was just so thrilled to have found this again. Every class I would dance as hard as I could, I never worried about how ridiculous I looked. I was just too happy to be there. I had heard about Wofa, the Afro-fusion dance company and dreamed of someday being a part of it. But it was a dream and I always expected to stay that way.  A couple more years went by, I had my third child and kept on dancing. 

Then one day after class, someone announced that wofa auditions were happening later that day. I was internally freaking out. I ran to my car and called my husband, freaking out over the phone. To make this long story short, it was pretty much a miracle that I made it to the audition. I felt very unprepared when I walked in and saw everyone else turning in bios and  headshots. I had nothing to hand in. After the audition I had no idea what to think. I really didn’t know how well I did. I was competing against people who were really good. 

But alas, a few days later I got the phone call that I made it! I was so excited I started to cry. My husband was there to give me a big squeeze right after I got off the phone. 

Being a member of Wofa has been a blast. I love going to rehearsal, I love dancing and I love all the members in this company. I would have never thought at age 30 I would be in a dance company. But I’m so glad I am.

And stay tuned. I hope to post more about my adventures in this new dance chapter in my life.