Super Easy and Healthy Valentine’s Day meals

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  And when I think of Valentine’s Day I think of red and pink,  hearts, lace,  love,  and TONS of candy and treats.  

Don’t get me wrong:  I love candy and cupcakes and other treats.  I also like to have a balance of healthy options as well.  So I have put together three meals for Valentine’s Day that are healthy and super easy to make.  

First,  I have eggs with heart shaped toast and a berry smoothie.  I used a cookie cutter for the toast.  Then I blend frozen berries with milk for the smoothie. I made hard boiled eggs because that’s my kids favorite way to have an egg. 

Next is heart-shaped sandwiches with heart-shaped strawberries.  Again I used my handy-dandy  cookie cutter  for the bread.  You can make whatever sandwich you like.  (My kids like PB & J!) For the strawberry, I cut off the leaves in a V-shape, so the berry resembles a heart.   

Next,  we have XO soup.   I heated up a can of tomato soup,  because it’s red.  Then I put some sour cream in a ziploc bag and cut the corner and piped the XO onto the soup.  This was easy and my kids loved it.  

And I had to add a dessert.  This might not be very  healthy, but it is easy. Scoop strawberry ice cream into a bowl.  To make it look more festive, I added heart-shaped  strawberries and a chocolate heart.  And enjoy!  Easy peasy.